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Eilat Israel
Great wind chance
34° Air
28° Water

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Spot Description

Eilat, aside from being a resort and tourist town, is one of the cities where weather conditions are considered the best for kiteboarding. It boasts windy days for more than 50% of the year with the wind blowing off the desert, creating optimal conditions to kite in the calm sea under the hot dessert sun.

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Details for Eilat
Beach: Coral Beach
I 5 8c01462fb0b343cbbb0dc72348cc80b467b50ffa2c371fa5a30a2c088aa2b24b Kite schools
I 1 77e4666d44d8a5ed1d709668b31fb4c1ae700040135c2bb9c3b4667b34ab1c82 Location
This beach is shared by the nearby hotel guests, but has marked kite areas, It can get a bit busy during Israeli weekends and high season.
I 2 93fdaf0953d32c43159afd4e568d05ab2b91fde409fd0e489dac2b72ed065ef3 Wind condition
A steady northerly wind which varies between 10 to 25 knots and becomes the strongest during the summer months
I 3 3f9f00e280ed1cf3094e01193787fb9944dc22afff4d561a420394facceab773 Water Condition
Flat - choppy
I 4 b3e0535591c8f44135bffe2860085a7442a17d3be0c1fb404d9443495c388221 Warning
Occational sharp rocks and corals at the water entrance. Ask local kite schools on where they are.
I 6 7c078403338e872b7840a005671ab8f45b081002874d896d3511da03b03d0ca9 Accomodation
There is plenty of hotel resorts along the beach. As an alternative you could also stay in Eilat center and drive south.
I 7 b74c2c938485ba623881d9603b52b38b92e791d2be3aa6967edf0a98136be058 Distance
The beach is only a short taxi ride away from Eilat. Coming from Tel Aviv it is a 3.5h drive through the desert.
I 8 b9af7e81e7cc9bc0f60440cdfbf17c175c9b53894c78236dbcb2d2fbac11990f Restaurants
There are restaurants and hotels serving meals at the spot.
I 10 0c7994c64245a1ef5deca9768a3069b03b4c18b5763b67355f2977afcb2c62c1 Sports
SUP, diving, nightlife