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Alacati Turkey
Great wind chance
24° Air
24° Water

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Spot Description

Situated on the Cesme Peninsula, Alacati is the perfect surf place in the Turkish Aegean Sea. Only 1h drive away from Izmir airport, you will be rewarded with turquoise flat water and unceasing wind, that blows from May to September. Alacati itself and nearby Cesme are very pleasant with numerous cafes, boutique shops and bars - just the right place to indulge in both sports and culture.

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Details for Alacati
Beach: Alacati Bay
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I 1 77e4666d44d8a5ed1d709668b31fb4c1ae700040135c2bb9c3b4667b34ab1c82 Location
The spot is situated in a huge protected bay, with a 500 meters long and 400 meters wide shallow area around 7 km from Alacati town.
I 2 93fdaf0953d32c43159afd4e568d05ab2b91fde409fd0e489dac2b72ed065ef3 Wind condition
In the peak season from May until end of September the “Meltemi” blows from the north. Wind generally blows moderately in the morning and grows during afternoon. In spring and autumn, the commanding wind 'Poiras' comes from a southerly direction and blows sideshore from the right hand.
I 3 3f9f00e280ed1cf3094e01193787fb9944dc22afff4d561a420394facceab773 Water Condition
shallow water and flat or mildly choppy conditions
I 4 b3e0535591c8f44135bffe2860085a7442a17d3be0c1fb404d9443495c388221 Warning
I 6 7c078403338e872b7840a005671ab8f45b081002874d896d3511da03b03d0ca9 Accomodation
Accomodation is available right at the kite spot in Alacati bay such as Hotel Solto Alacati or Hotel Süzer Sun Dreams. For more choice and approximity to nightlife you may want to stay in Alacati town and commute to the kite spot.
I 7 b74c2c938485ba623881d9603b52b38b92e791d2be3aa6967edf0a98136be058 Distance
Kite schools can organise pick up from Alacati town to kite spot. Otherwise you can take a taxi for the short 6km ride to the bay.
I 8 b9af7e81e7cc9bc0f60440cdfbf17c175c9b53894c78236dbcb2d2fbac11990f Restaurants
Restaurents are plenty and of good value ranging from budget choices to high end in Alacati town and at the bay.
I 10 0c7994c64245a1ef5deca9768a3069b03b4c18b5763b67355f2977afcb2c62c1 Sports
Mountain biking, SUP, kayaking, sightseeing of nearby Cesme